Monday, November 19, 2012

The transformation

A small thought occurred to me during one of those boring "not in mood" time..  "What If" I had not taken some decisions in my life.. the same ones which have become my identity in life,.. the decisions cos of which am known as some one's girl friend.. how different would my life be...

Will it be the one where I will be happily married (i presume this) to some rich , well-educated mallu guy (as per my parents criteria of my MR.Perfect) blowing his money.. or will it be the one am single basking in my own freedom.. living life with no strings attached...

I some how like to believe it would be the second case.. I first experienced the concept of freedom when i came to bangalore.. being my daddy's girl I was well protected and had everything done for me... and when I first moved to mlore for my job.. I thought here am all to myself.. doing stuffs myself.. But alas Life happened to me... I fell hopelessly in love... to me that guy meant (still means) the world.. I always loved hanging out with him and without him around I used to miss him.. I was reduced to nothing but a hopeless romantic.. always craving for his attention and waiting to get pampered... But bangalore was altogether new change... a pleasant one which I will cherish for life.. What did bangalore do to me.. loads of things.. beyond what I ever thought of... I always thought I will be crippled without him around..
But every mode of life proved me wrong in this case.. I could survive .. I could live my life and undoubtedly I was living life to fullest.. In every aspect I was continousaly expanding my horizon with every step of life... Some of the things which remain etched in my memory are --

* The fact that I was all to myself.. no one to tell me how to get to a place.. I know ppl out there will think there are public transports and the Autos.. but i chose to have my lil companion called The peppy scooty wherever I went.. Google maps thanks to you.. I could reach places with just your help.. What would I Do with you my Mappy man...

* Had a couple of friends.. But for once I decided I will be open to meeting new people and making new friends... Accept any one and every one without any pre-conceived thoughts or notion.. I for once decided never be judgmental about people and accept them for who they are.. Life suddenly became so much more beautiful when I let myself free..

* Met some wonderful people.. Rosh Pie.. Oh i never knew that I could ever get so close to an HR of a company.. Being from tech world.. All we usually thought about the HR community was bossy..  And today she is one person whom I talk to almost everyday.. Sassy crazy Sasu ... The old me would have thought some million times before befriending a person with bold ideologies.. But then now though frankly she can at times(ok who am i kidding "most of the times" *Winks* .. I also return her the favor) drive me bonkers.. I adore her to bits irrespective of all the craziness.. In many ways she is the other piece in the world as crazy as am..

When I look back I dont feel bad that I couldn't pursue my MBA dreams in the great city of Toronto.. Cause I believe and I know that something beyond my small dreams is definitely in store for me.. All I know is I have to embrace everything that comes my way without the fear of being hurt.. If I have to get hurt let me get hurt for that will definitely make me a stronger person and help me evolve for a better cause..  

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