Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 Things I Hate about you

When all sit to describe why they love their bf/gf so much.. What makes "that person" so great that gives a feeling that she/he is the one... This make me wonder.. come on there ought to be something about this love of urs that you truly despise.. that makes u go nuts...and when ppl tell "No he/she is perfect" i get more confused.. this point is beyond my apprehension.. After being in couple of relationships myself.. I have came to an understanding that no one is perfect for the other.. if at all the concept about being perfect actually exists.. then why should either one of them sacrifice or change something small about themselves just to see smile of their beloved.. According to me love is not about being perfect for one another.. its about working to walk that one extra mile 2gether..
This post is dedicated my dear dearest nipun.. and the things i absolutely hate about him..
1) The knack Of "NOT TALKING"..
People say it is very tough to maintain a long distance relation.. It becomes all the more tough when u have to maintain the relation with no one on other side of the phone.. During our night conversation zillions of times i have got the feeling that there is no one on the other side.. either i hear a "hmmmm" sound or no sound at all.. and he is man of few words ppl say.. and words he know are "Nothing","Kuch nahin","tu bol".. To get a conversation going with him.. toughest job ever..
2) His way or the High way
Whenever we have an argument irrespective of the reason for it.. some times i feel really petty cause we both act so ditsy.. Whatever be it.. at the end of any argument.. i have the feeling that am the one who is wrong.. I till date have not figured how the hell he does it.. oh my god for no reason i feel so bad and feel like a got damn bitch.. who is unreasonable, demanding and all the blah blah...
3) Being Mr.Unclean
I hate it when things are not done in a certain way.. come on you live in the house.. its ur duty to make it ur home.. Keep ur home clean.. keep ur bathroom clean.. its about hygiene.. how tough is it to understand.. and its so irritating that he doesnt do it in spite of the fact that i keep nagging him to do so..
4) Being Logical 24*7
I have reminded him 'n' times till date that i cannot be logical all the time.. i love to be irrational, to make no sense.. and live just like tat.. come on why should each statement i make be logically related to the prev statement i made.. my mind keeps working.. now am thinking abt sunshine .. a second later it is snow.. Final word "I cannot be Logical".. its beyond me...
5) Refusing to send good night msgs
Call it silly or whatever.. feels good to get a good night msg from the guy u love.. come on who wouldnt love it.. and is it so tough to type in few sweet words to tell good night to me.. aint i as cute as a pixie..
6) Refusing to enter temples
Why is it so tough to enter a temple.. am not telling he never ever enters it.. he does and when he does he keeps commenting on the lady statues in the temple.. and above all mocking at the way i offer prayers to god.. that is so mean.. the worst is he tells that he laughed at the way i offered prayer cause he found it cute.. good that he doesnt do it now..
7) Getting annoyed when I cry
Oh my god.. I love to vent out my irritation, frustration and any thing with my tears.. thats who am.. how tough is it to live with it..Its not I love to cry.. its just that am over sensitive.. and Am okay with the way am..
8) Asking me to grow up
This is one thing I dont want to.. I love being childish.. I love when ppl pamper me.. call me a spoilt brat.. I agree... But come on why should i grow up.. and when he asks me to it hurts.. I thought he loved me being childish.. Am not telling he expects me to act my age always.. but even once in a while i hate doing it..
9) Telling me not to get gifts for him
How could he tell me not to do tat.. that is something I will always do irrespective of whether he likes it or not.. Its my administrative right..By "administrative" i mean "Constitution of Keerthy" not "Constitution of India"...
10) Fartso..
His art of Farting at his will.. I bow to it.. But it is so embarrassing at times.. But if i truly ponder over it.. do i hate this thing about himm.. well actually not.. this one thing ha made me laugh so many times...

But in spite of all this.. Am still smitten by this guy for more than 2 years.. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Critically 'Un'Reasoned

Through out my Journey of ma GMAT preparation.. All that i have realized in spite of myself is that no matter how many practice question i attempt or how many books i read.. I still suck at critical reasoning..
Have gone through blogs after blogs trying to know how ppl tackled this huge problem of mine...and all i got is a list of books i went through and list of practice tests i have already taken..In one of my desperate attempts to improve my reasoning i had discovered a book called "the critical reasoning bible".. the first thing that passed my mind was.. boy oh boy this must be a gr8 book..this would be the key to my unsolvable problem..i felt optimistic only cause of the word "bible" in the title of the book..when the actual "bible" teaches u to be a good person..i felt "The CR Bible" will make me an unbeatable pro in the field of reasoning..
And believe me i sat through the pain of reading the whole damn book..and later when i took the practice tests i realized the same.. i suck at it..
What was lacking in me.. was it that i dont understand what is written in the question.. or was it that i dont know how to establish my thoughts in a streamlined fashion..I hate to self analyze me so that i improve.. this is something i despise.. may be cause i hate to believe that i have certain short comings.. or may be i did not want to improve.. i always felt iam a perfect version of wat i can be..And thus i left this problem unsolved like the rest...and i have no shame in telling that am still critically 'Un' Reasoned

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Among all the bed-time stories my grand mom has told me there is one particular story which has and will always be my all time fav.. The story goes this way – “It was a rainy day in the month of august… The only sound I could hear was the “Pitter patter of the raindrops”… then suddenly I heard a women cry breaking the deafening silence… When I ran into the bedroom I saw ur mom mourn in labor… With the nearest hospital being 12Kms away your dad rushed to call a taxi… By the time your dad returned you had made your way into this world almost 20 days ahead of the schedule…

Good evening Fellow toastmaster and my dear friends… this is me keerthy rajagopal trying to give my first ever project on “me just trying to be me”…

Both my grand mom and mom till day, say that from the day, when I was born till this day… I have one thing, which has prevailed… That is my “lack of patience”.. My mom says… “You did not have the patience to wait for the taxi to arrive… you just wanted to rush out…” .. Me being the smart one always have maintained one answer to all these comments… “Mom don’t call me impatient… call me an economic baby… not only did I save you hospital fee but also saved the taxi charges… how good am i??”

Well friends… my dad “Mr.V. Rajagopal” was indeed a shrewd visionary… he named me very correctly “Keerthy” meaning famous…. Not that am bragging, but I have always been famous… now it is on you guys to decide if I was famous in the sane way or in the notorious way… that must not take a lot of time I suppose…

As a kid I started speaking really late.. My parents were so scared.. they have walked up and down many hospitals to see if there was some problem in my vocals… Doctors would just say am fine… They could find the reason why I was taking this long to start talking.. My parents have told me that they had done all the poojas possible to hear me call them AMMA and Accha… then one fine day I spoke my first word… After that there has been no stopping… My dad now offers prayers to god requesting him to keep me quiet at least an hour every day…

During my school days I was in Madras… I still like to call it madras rather than Chennai because of no reason… During my initial days in school I totally detested the concept of sitting in front of books after returning home… to tell in the blunt form I hated studies… I found all the ways to avoid it.. During my first standard.. I ended up breaking my bones trying to avoid studies.. The end result was plaster of paris on my hands for months… But they were the most blissful months despite the discomfort cause by plaster of paris… No one ever compelled me to study…. So In my second standard I knew what I had to do in order to escape the monster better known as the books… I ended up cutting my right palm… my dad being the smart one did not fall into the trap and made sure that I study… Thus the saga began… 12 years of schooling… I was left with no choice but study..

In madras I stayed in the railway colony situated in nungambakkam.. It was here I met her… my best friend till date… my deepu… if I have to talk about the fun we had together… this 4 mins wont suffice… We were the partners in crime… and also called ourselves “The 420”… We have played oodles of pranks during our monkeying times.. Till this day the first memory that flashes in front of me when I hear madras are those with deepu… Then the D Day came when I had to relocate to thrissur for pursuing my engineering…. The day when I bid a temporary good bye to my friend of all times…
I did my graduation in Electrical and electronics from Govt. Engg College Trichur in kerala. Those were the years of learning, adjusting and molding… those were the years of transformation of a spoilt brat into just a brat… Ask the walls of GEC… they would tell my story… they would know that Keerthy had spent most of the days in the corridors, the hostel bed, the humongous gallery, the nearest movie hall… but surely not in her classes… Those were the 4 years of purposelessness…. And there is not a single moment of it for which I regret… In this journey my studies had became the pillion and fun the main rider.. I still have no idea how I managed to clear my xams without a backlog….

Being new to kerala… I had my own starting troubles… Since I was brought up in madras tamil, English and tit bits of hindi were the only languages I was familiar with… And people of thrissur have a dialect which is one of a kind… they speak Malayalam in really fast and sing song way… so by the time I understood the first part of the sentence the other person would have done with their talking… poor me… I was considered an alien… Thank god I met few other of my own type.. We ended up calling ourselves the NRK – non-residential keralites… During my college days I had a very common complaint from many of friends… actually speaking I also get it from some of my colleagues here.. The first impression every one had about me was “JADA” .. Well “JADA” in Malayalam means “ARROGANT”… I till this day have no clue why do I give such a bad impression about myself to rest of the world… is it the way I talk or the way I look…I have not been able figure it out till this day…

During my college days I participated in all the events right from elocution to war of words to dumb charades to ad Zap… I have made a mockery out of myself in many of the contest… but I learnt how to present myself in front of a huge audience… I had been a key organizer of many of the college events and it was here I realized what was my goal for life… it was these short and not so complex managerial experience I had then fascinated me to do my MBA some time down the lane…

Fun fact about me.. I have fell in and out of Love a zillion times during my college days… I have used the number “zillion” because the 10 fingers are not enough to count it… And all of them have not lasted more than a week… some of them were as short as 2 hours… this short time line is attributed to my really bad memory… after a weekend I see them again I don’t realize that I had a crush on them…

It was during these wonderful years I made certain relationships for life.. It was here that I realized that I could have a friend other than deepu… The amount of fun I had in my Ladies hostel is just beyond my words.. Be it just laying on the bed and talking or mid night coffee session or the weird dress rehearsals… I had fun all the time.. It was here I learnt to adjust… there have been days when 8 of us have slept in a 2 beds… Here I learnt to share, give up and embrace life in all its forms… Be it the lowest of the lows or highest of the highs… those 4 years built me for the bigger race.

At the end of my college days I got recruited into INFOSYS… I got posted to mangalore right after my training.. Believe me I was soo irritated cause of the posting.. I thought I had opened a damn pandora box… cause mangalore was so far from madras and it meant going home once in a blue moon…little did I know what was waiting for me in mangalore…here I learnt the important lessons of being professional, motivated and responsible…mangalore to me is a lot of things… it is my first project.. It is that part of my life where I was my own decision maker… it was my life of independence… I learnt to manage my money and learnt more about analyzing not just code but people… It was here I met the person with whom I would love to spend rest of my life with… now when I look back I have no regrets of being in mangalore…

At this point of my life am all set to take my next step… I hope to pursue my all time dream of doing my MBA in few years… These 23 years have done loads of good to me.. I learnt that life manifests its beauty and irony in a lot of ways that we cant comprehend ...all we can do is let ourselves be led by the wind...let urself free....ready to experience everything that life throws at u...expanding ur horizons continuously.. I learnt to experience life in all its forms…