Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 - My Roller Coster Ride

2010 the year which made me laugh till my stomach hurt.. mad me cry till my tear gland went dry.. year which pushed me into the deepest of the pits just to make me scrappy so that i could make my way..
2010 when i got a hit in all phases of my life.. Saw my dreams shatter in front of my eyes for no mistake of mine... reached till the finish line just to know that iam not goona cross it because of some unknown law of nature... saw my relationships go down town... be it my love, best friend or my dad... my friend for more than a decade refuses to talk to me...
Learnt my lessons.. learnt that not to expect too much from any one..never be predictable...come wat may never allow any one to read ur mind.. u r the master of ur mind.. never allow urself to feel weak for any one.. its never worth it.. cause in the whole process u r distracted and put urself through the worst possible situations ever... never be needy for love even if deep within u feel deprived of it... love urself to the max...if u cant place urself above others then who will...never ever expect the feelings to be eternal...feelings are exponential curves.. u can see it soar rocket high sometimes and hit rock bottom as well..
promises made during the different phases of relationships are not real.. cause ppl forget...we might say stuff in spur of the moment.. but we never stick to it...if i have said some one "u mean world to me" sometime doesnt mean that it holds good forever... ppl change, relationships change and if u cling on to the past glory u only hurt urself more... move a head.. keep ur head high... u r worth all the love.. and if ppl dont give it to u... just be the same with them...

PS: i know i have not organized my feelings right... but these were the random lessons i learnt.. and i find it worth all..