Monday, May 23, 2011


This is a story of two girls and the little promise of being "Friends Forever".. Stuck together through thick and thin.. Hours of phone calls which kept people wondering what they talk.. Never has been a "Wat else?", "then.." or "Hmmm.." in their never ending chats... The intention was clear come what may we will dance through any issue... Never did they let any thing get in their path.. because their path was exclusive just theirs... "No one was invited" into their small little world... Cos they knew too many cooks can spoil the broth.. Little did they know some day a storm would wreck their small little world... now its the phase of utter silence... the never ending conversations a things of past.. conversation fail to start.. skype of my machine has become an useless software... Its only her whom i always wished to see.. her whose smile means world to me.. This is for my friend Deepu..
Not sure If I could still call her my friend.. One rookie mistake of mine... She never turned back.. She walked past.. Helpless I stand.. Wondering how to fix this broken bond... Am no magical witch.. All I could do is plead.. "I have no feelings for you" she told.. Followed by devastating silence.. The partner of my monkeying days seems blurr and as i write a tear i shed...
Deepu you may never return... all I can tell you is your space in my life can never be replaced by any one else...