Friday, June 27, 2008


Laying on the bed wide awake on a lazy Saturday morning…the only thought that is going through my mind is WAT DO I BLOG ABOUT….
I SAT GARNERING THE NUMEROUS THOUGHTS CROSSING MY CHAOTIC MIND DECIDING WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT.... After hours together of confusion the end result is am left with out any topic…This ends up putting me in turmoil….And makes me wonder am such a big dodo…tat I can’t think about one topic to blog….

All I Can say is I see a very Murky future for my blogging…All the more I also have valid reasons for it-
1) My twin sister Miss. Lazy who is a part of me lets me do nothing the whole day.
2) Having become a Knave to one of the IT company now…amidst my so-called “hectic” schedule I don’t think I will be having the mind set to do….
3) More over when am jobless at office and I open the site all I can see is window reminding me that “THIS SITE IS BLOCKED ACCORING TO THE COMPANY POLICY”…Screw the company…

Now this is my first blog and it is very important to me cause there 2 monsters – unni and amith to launch a scathing attack on my blog….And I expect no mercy from them….So am not expecting them to be munificent….

In between this really tough brain work of thinking what to write about…I have already been distracted by phone call from my friend to just decide the PLAN FOR THE DAY….Now how are they going to understand my position….The difficulty am facing right now to place me on the right track of thought process…And this a bloody herculean task as my mind is a nomad and within no time it can reach places and corners of the world that too in time lesser than the time taken by the most latest technology…..

After having wrote…ooopsss sorry typed quiet a bit the big question mark still remains…what do I blog on?