Thursday, June 9, 2011

E - motion

The day I started blogging.. The moto in mind was to capture all my emotions coz i know one day when i read them again it will be fun... tears that carved the way through my cheeks would make me giggle in the future.. the incessant laughter would bring a drop of tear in my eyes.. Today I feel i have not done justice to my blog.. and as type this.. my mind is still trying to find the silliest of reasons to take the blame.. so tat i feel light..

Right now i feel like making a silent promise to myself that i will capture all my emotions and paint it all over my blog.. the one who is ever ready to listen to my random rambling without a complain.. to whom i can repeat a silly story a zillion times and yet she wont go "KEERTHY this is the 100th time you telling this".. Who when i shed a tear wont tell me to be more strong.. and be rude to people who are rude with you.. I'am esp writing abt being rude cause of an incident that happened 2 days ago... Here it goes...

Rosh pie and myself as always after work boarded our bus to madiwala... That day we realized we have forgotten how it is to go in bus as we were spoilt by going with miss.adhyam in her super car(Call it super cause thats where we have max. fun bitching commenting cribbing and all the lady like ranting).. and now after ages we boarded a bus from E City.. As you all know about the maddening blore traffic.. the poor lil driver who is no schumacher had to go in half clutch with breaks like every other second.. And me being master of balancing was falling all over the place ... accidentally stepped on a girls feet for the second time that day.. Then she went "STAND PROPERLY!!!".. i know it didnot involve using fowl language or swearing ... still i was taken aback by the sheer fact that she was not being polished while telling me this.. call me silly or whatever... i was on verge of crying (rosh claims that i was all booo hooo and river flooded blore.. blahhh. nver believe her side of the story)... And you know when i feel bad i have to call my parents and my friends... and all come with only one statement... "when will u learn to talk back"... left me blank...

Have never thought that i would ever have to change the way am..I know i get hurt but Even if summon up all my damn guts to talk back... some how the whole universe pulls me back from doing the same... you all know am just a small tiny person in comparison to the universe.. and how can i fight with the super power.. so as always i have chosen to get defeated in front of the super power called the universe..

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  1. ugghhh.. not again babes.. Cmon.. u should have said something. nyways.. love the way u r :D
    -- Kani